Time & Sales

Statistics with reference to last done price of HASH(0x66d5a70) on 02 Oct 2023

  No. of Trades Average Trade Size ('000) Weighted Average Price
Total n.a. n.a.
Above HASH(0x66d5a70) n.a. n.a.
Equal HASH(0x66d5a70) n.a. n.a.
Below HASH(0x66d5a70) n.a. n.a.

Time & Sales on 02 Oct 2023

Time Type Last Done Chg Volume ('000)
Total Change
No data available.


Buy Up refers to transactions done in buying from the sell queue
Sell Down refers to transactions done in selling into the buy queue
Mid refers to married deals
Preopen refers to the transcation done during the preopen period at 8:59
Preclose refers to the transaction done during the preclose period at 17:05
Adjust refers to the transaction done during the lunch adjustment period at 13:59 or after a trading halt
Unknown refers to deals where there isn't enough information to determine the "Type"

 A green cell represents an increase in price over the previous value.
 A red cell represents a decrease in price over the previous value.
 A highlighted grey row represents a trade whose value is more than $150,000.


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